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The Character : The Clown

Ikhsan Himawan is The Clown. Working with Ikhsan is fun. I feel like having a spiritual journey through our character development session. he's giving a different perspective that never cross in my mind, which is good. He's also willing to reduce his weight for the character. what i'm trying to get is a perfect image f...or both of the actors, because it has to be an ironic for a perfectly human who has so many bad things happened in their life..the collaboration works great.

The Way I work with the ACTORS...

I was trying to make a stronger bond between myself and the actors. We built the bond when we rehearse and reading session weeks before. and it develops much stronger when we're on location. In my case, I have two talented actor that is so professional, i feel lucky about it. we share from the most intimate feelings ab...out things and experiences in life and we try to brings it together within the story. Atiqah Hasiholan and Ikhsan Himawan brings it perfectly as I imagine

Between Reality and Fiction... A State of mind between Auteurism and Industry...

This my latest work. And it was kind of dilemma if someone ask me to have ONLY ONE screening and i had to choose which film that will be on screening. because this two film is very different. i have my own political view for this two films. Sang Badut dan Seorang Pengantin, stands for my idealism for making a short film which is less artistry and not eye candy. it has a content that very controversional. But Bye Lulla Lullaby stands for its artistry identity, eye catching and i would like to say this was a compromise with an industry situation... but both have my personal identity tho..

Screening and Discussion for "Bye Lulla Lullaby" on Pusat perfilman Haji Usmar Ismail

Screening and Discussion for "Bye Lulla Lullaby" on Pusat perfilman Haji Usmar Ismail on SCROUND BITES event. Billy Christian on Scround Bites, Pemutaran dan Diskusi film "Bye Lulla Lullaby" with child actor Jessye Awuy. "The most important things in this project is dealing with child actor, communicating the abstract idea of the story is the hardest part, you have to find right approach to the actor, so the child actor could ...bring your story alive" - Billy Christian.