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Menampilkan postingan dari Oktober, 2010

The Actor for my first feature film will be like...

Yes! Audrey Hepburn.....

Working on my first feature horror film #trailer

For the concept, i was trying to choose which scene is potentialy tells the story within 2 minutes. My producer allow me to do more than one scene but limited me to do less set, it was 2 sets. the room and the corridor. so i was trying to chose based on these sets. after I choose the scene, actually not the scene but the shots in the scene, then i made the storyboards. from these two sets i can make some scenes that enough to tell what's the story all about.

TEASER concept for the trailer for my first feature film...

This is one of the scene that will appear on the trailer. I drew this storyboard. It's bloody hell.

Trip to Jogja

Since I took this job ( direct a TV programme) i'm so fascinated with the richness of Indonesian culture. this will be a very good inspiration to my films. While i have to abandoned for a while for my first feature film. but i still thinking about it. :) the tv project will be take 2 weeks.