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My TOP 10 Film Director

My TOP 10 Film director :
1. Guilermo Del Toro
2. Jean Pierre Jeunet
3. Pedro Almodovar
4. Roman Polanski
5. Tim Burton
6. Lars von Trier
7. Jan Svankmajer
8. Luc Besson
9. Alexandre Tarkovski
10. Jaromil Jirez

Lesbian story

Gotta write a story about lesbian. geezz. I have this project with what-so-called-str8-celebrities-who-care-about-gays, i joined them and they asked me to make short film with GLBT theme and i have to make lesbian story. whew. I dont mind to wrote about gay men, but lesbian?

so here's the inspiration. i asked a writer friend to send me lesbian stories and she send me one. a short one. its interesting when you know where to start. i had this idea based on her stories that it happened on a market sales, they were meet at the same spot with their common interest, a flowery bra. and as the story tells how they get interested each other, now they so sure that they can get along and can share their underwear. is it cheesy?? no, seriously. its shallow?

but my idea about liking a person is started with something that we liked and how we see things rite??

Lets making films!

I'm doing 2 short film projects right now, and preparing a feature film, Dunia Sempit the movie. it's hectic but i really enjoy the process. these 2 short films is part of two omnibus project (that still tentative).

One short film is with LGBT theme (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender). kinda tough to make a lesbian theme, gay theme easier for me, but women? lot of hardwork then. i still searching for story..anyone? ideas?

Other short film would be short horror or a drama about 'secret'. quiet interesting for me, because what makes people a person is their secrets. I was trying to contact my writer-lawyer friend who also have project about secret, he kinda post everybody's secret and put it anonymous. of course with the secret owner permission.

These projects makes my brain never stop thinking and it's quiet hard since i also had to prepare film workshops and others upcoming projects that also has potential to be made. but i have to deal with it. :)

Screening "Dunia Sempit" at Teraskota 29 May 2011

The screening is quiet fun, because there's some special performance before the film screened. There's Xtra large girls fashion show and featuring extra large singer duo "Cindy and Manda" who sings "Beautiful". I choose the song and it really worked out. Their performance really great!

beside introducing the film, we also introduce the extra large community to the audience, how beautiful these girls are. Lots of fun. :)

The screening closed with the performance of extra large girls "Cindy and Manda" performing belly dancing. nobody's blink their eyes.