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Menampilkan postingan dari Januari, 2013

I did a comedy film: THE LEGEND OF TRIO MACAN

after a while, now i'm back with my update. i'm sorry guys so many to be updated. i will try my best try my best to share it one by one.

I did a comedy genre movie.. the title is THE LEGEND OF TRIO MACAN. the producer ring me the asked me if i want to direct the project. Adriansyah Solaiman is the producer, he's my friend, we were at the same production  some years ago, back when I was assistant director for Brian Yuzna, we did 'AMPHIBIOUS' 3D. The production house is Radikal films, the one who did 'LOVE IS YOU' Cherrybelle group movie. Then i think the project has the potential to has production value. I love comedy, i love reading comic, especially manga. so, it's not hard for me to make this happened.

The producer sent me the synopsis and I saw weaknesses, I discussed with the writer and my producer. which part that fits me, which part dont's. Then i started to do rewrites, because we had limited time to develop the script.

While we did the script…