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Menampilkan postingan dari Mei, 2013


Yesterday I had a great fun. My Blue Blood team gathered up after we preview on "Blue Blood" teaser trailer on Eltra post production. I was came late because the rain was so hard and can't easily get the cab. Then I'm very happy to see all my team was there; Vera Lasut the producer, Lulu Utami her assistant, Baskoro Adi the scriptwriter and Alvin Harris our graphic designer.

We never been together like this since the last time we went on Pucheon Film Festival last year. It's a rare moment. So we decided to go to Korean barbeques restaurant called Chung Gi Wa located near Dharmawangsa square on south Jakarta. And we had lots of conversation there. We drink korean wine, whoa taste really good. The food and the atmospheres brings back the memory the last time we go to Puchon Film Festival last year where we got the award for "Blue Blood"s project. :)


What I'm doing is trying to survive with this industry. I have to keep making movies. I have to give a birth to every project that I had design. I never give up.

I met lots of people and pitch the concept to them. lots of rejection, lots of promises, but I must go on. Finding a producer or people who wants to invest on your movie is not easy. It's like a finding a lifetime partner.

That is why we cannot give up easily. making a movie spends a lot of money. and we have to give it back the money. its a business. and we are responsible for our works.

Spills out my creativity through CANVAS!

Here's my two works from today's and yesterday's. Still the same style. I was experimenting using colors. Blocking the colors specifically. and the subject still male. may be a personification of my self?


Today I bought painting equipments. I just found a shop that is really cool, it was named "Prapatan" located in Fatmawati, South Jakarta. Today was my first time to go there. All of the paintings stuff were there. I will be very often go there in the future.

The last time I'm doing painting is like 4 years ago. That's quiet a long time ago. all the paint already dried out. That time i"m using oil, but now I'm gonna try acrylics. hope doing fine. oh I'm so excited. :)

Meeting special guest from Borneo!

Today I met my filmmaker friend from Borneo (Kalimantan), we've been friend like 3 years. He came from Germany but stayed at Borneo. I'm very happy because we rarely meet, but every time he's on Jakarta we usually have a time to meet and shares idea and updating each other. Both of us are having the same dream, making movies. We shares knowledge and passion on filmmaking and struggle to make it happen the best we could. 

We had some coffee and lunch together and had great chat, I told him about what I've done recently, about The Trio Macan movie and how I worked for TV Industry. I'm hoping that I will have chance to go to Borneo and stay there and have some adventures. I wish I had the time and opportunity to do that.

Just Had Meeting With A Producer

Siang tadi gue ke PH "S", gue ketemu sama produser dan line produser untuk film layar lebar panjang gue yang ke-2 "7MRS" (Film layar lebar panjang gue yang pertama adalah "The Legend of Trio Macan"). Pembicaraan masih seputar hal yang sama, namun tentunya ada progress yang cukup membuat gue lebih tenang. NAAAH... makanya besok gue mau ngeraphin lagi nih ide-ide abstrak di kepala gue menjadi LEBIH RAPIH LAGI.

Sebenernya gue udah bicara sama ketua departemen tim gue mengenai konsep2, or production design, tapi gue memang harus memformulasikan lagi menjadi presentasi yang lebih detail dan rapih. Fungsinya buat line produser mengetahui perkonsepan sutradara adalah dia jadi bisa paham konsep gue dan bagaiamana merealisasikan konsep itu.

hoahhhhmm. tiba-tiba ngantuk. (lirik jam udah jam 2:24AM) lanjut besok ya guys. :) Have a nice rest.

Indonesian Movie Award 2013 (IMA) Congrats Gesata!

Sekitar seminggu yang lalu gue mendapatkan undangan untuk menghadiri Indonesian Movie Award 2013 yang diadakan di Studio 8 RCTI. awalnya gue gak terlalu excited karena biasanya pasti gue bentrok sama jadwal shooting. tapi berhubung lagi santai yah bolehlah dateng sabil ketemu temen2 juga di acara. Dan yang lebih ngebuat gue excited lagi adalah Gesata Stella aktor film gue segmen "Pembalut" di "Sanubari Jakarta" mendapatkan nominasi "Pendatang Baru Terbaik" dan "Pendatang Baru terfavorit".

 I'm quiet happy karena performance Gesata di "Pembalut" memang bagus dan itu karena kolaborasi gue dan Gesata dalam tahap character development. Di film "Pembalut", Gesata memerankan 4 tokoh yang berbeda, dimana keempat tokoh itu saling berinteraksi, bahkan berpelukan!

Jadi, malam tadi gue ke acara IMA di RCTI. walaupun acaranya gak terlalu rapih, tapi lumayanlah untuk mendukung dan menyemarakan or at least menimbulkan semangat kembali …


So this is my "What I'm Grateful About for Today list..."
1. The meeting with two of my foreign friend from Australia and England were great, I'm very excited to work with them. Soon. And I succeed to introduced my Indonesian friend to them as some kind of the line producer. The project still far away but we are preparing for the best.
2. I got a new suit for tomorrow. the suit was very nice, I love it so much.
3. I can still have time to go to church. recharging my faith and believe. now, I feel really great and very positive about my life. that is how all the religious things works for me.
4. I meet my friend Ririe Bogar and she just can always make me feel comfortable. God blessed you mba Ririe. :)


Few days ago, I met my high school friend. I was so surprised that now she become a producer and owning a production house. I was very surprise because i never expect her will be at the same field like me, FILM.

When we were in high school, she was into photography and modeling, as far as I know. And we know each other but we rarely talk. but then we met at twitter, because we almost working as one team on an FTV project, but was canceled.

Then we set up a casual meeting and started to tell everything, how we ended in film industry. Well, she knows that since high school i was a filmmaker-nerd. But she never know that i would be in the mainstream, as in TV industry or doing films like The Legend of Trio Macan (my recent movie).

Then I started to tell her my project, one of it is "Dunia Sempit" the feature film. and I told her my point of view about why would I have to make the movie? how is the movie become so important for the audience and for me, and what the effect of the…


Terkadang kita terlalu sibuk dengan aktivitas keseharian kita sehingga kita menjadi lupa akan setiap hal berharga yang kita miliki dalam hidup. Biasanya gue bangun tidur, gue berdoa, simple kok doanya (karena emang masih ngantuk juga hehehe), gue berdoa berterima kasih kepada Tuhan kalo gue masih memiliki tempat tinggal (tidur di kasur empuk dengan bantal di ruangan yang bersih hohoho) dan masih bisa makan, memiliki kesehatan yang baik, dan memiliki keluarga dan orang-orang yang gue sayangi, juga pekerjaan yang gue miliki.

Karena sewaktu waktu salah satu dari yang gue sebutin bisa aja menghilang dari kehidupan kita. oleh karenanya, gue selalu bersyukur untuk hal-hal diatas yang mungkin sepele bagi sebagian orang. gue bukan orang yang religius tapi dengan tiap hari gue ucapin ini ke diri gw sendiri maka gue jadi lebih menghargain lagi hidup gue. Ya kalo males bangun pagi, ya biasanya gw sebelum tidur, lo ucapin ke diri elo sendiri (or of course God, Your Creator, or whatever you think …


Kemarin pagi gue aja baru kelar shooting FTV gue yang ke-7. kelar jam 2AM. Lumayan capek, tapi gue sudah terbiasa dengan ritme kerjanya. Banyak pengalaman yang gua dapatkan ketika membuat FTV. Setiap project pasti ada masalahnya, engga ada yang engga. Masalah perijinan lokasi lah, masalah pemain yang telat dateng lah ini itu lah. macem macem hehehe. kalo engga ada masalah ya rasanya ga mungkin hehehe.

gue selalu berusaha untuk membuat adegan sebagus mungkin dari segi dramaturgi, angle, camera movement bahkan acting approach, tapi kadang kadang karena waktu yang mepet akhirnya eksekusinya gak maksimal. walaupun FTV gue berusaha menggunakan approach film walau gak semua scene-nya. gue ngerasa semakin banyak gue bikin shot, gue semakin terbiasa bertutur secar visual. insting visual gue mesti terus di latih. Namun terkadang shot gw yang agak 'spesial' ga bisa diterima dengan lapang dada oleh DOP. ada aja gitu DOP yang males mindah2in kamera karena terbiasa sinetron or set up yang…