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Menampilkan postingan dari April, 2014

Going to Museum Fatahillah at Weekend

I asked my bestfriend Penny to go to spent the weekend at Museum Fatahilah. So, we go there using public transport, the train. its really fun. 
Why museum Fatahilah area? because I love this area, vintage and has historical background of Jakarta. I mean, we can go to the malls or cafe, but this time is different. I'm very excited. 
I once shooting in this area also and so damn expensive for shooting here. 
We also invite one of my other classmate in filmschool Iin and her son. We take photos and having our dinner in the Batavia Cafe. At the end if the day another schoolmate joined us, Danial. We were very excited as he is about to get married. :)
Recently, I often hanging out with my close friends around Jakarta. Friendship is always beautiful. 

Billy Christian Film Directing Craft: Scouting The Locations #1

Why did I choose this location? There are certain layers reason for me to decided a specific location for my movie.

First, THE SET. we use the real set or we made it like one. If we need a hospital hallway, we could use real hospital or, we could use "fake" one, like any building that has corridors then we will add some extras with nurse outfit, or dressing up with some additional props.

Second, THE AMBIGUITY. Sometime, I just intriguing when I see a location which has ambiguous meaning which strengthen the story and the character. What I learned from Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky in his works, he used the location sets as metaphors. So it more than just a set.

Third, THE EFFICIENCY. We talk about access, the production support and the budgets. I have to be very wise to decide in this case. Some great outdoor location has amazing scenery, but we got problem to get there. Or even the prices is too high so thinking about efficiency could be the way out.