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Menampilkan postingan dari Juni, 2015


Hello guys, finally I can found my time to update this blog. I really sorry, I have been so busy with my movie promotion and release, and I'm working new project recently. I will tell you guys about my creature design: TUYUL.

The most important thing for a horror movie is its creature, it supposed to bring something new something different on the concept. so from this believe I really want something new for the concept creature without loosing its original trademark. As Indonesian, we know that the creature Tuyul is in the form of a little kid and wearing and underpants, almost look like a baby. So, I add a little bit scary attributes for the concept. It has some kind of claws and 4 fingers. Big bloated head and there's this goo that came from its mouth.  to create the eeewwnesss!

We choose to used little guy that actually an adult. It is not easy to find a little guy who can act well. Luckily I met this guy named Dicky, his physical appearance is just exactly like a 3 years …