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Menampilkan postingan dari Maret, 2014

Billy Christian Film Directing Craft: Working with DOP #1

Me and my DOP, Hani Pradigya. We never had casual talk in cafe or hanging out together. But when we had project, we spent alot discussing what we want to do. 
First, I sent him the script. I tell him about what I think about the script and all my worryness. And I will tell him if I will working out with the script or the script already final. Then asked his opinion about it, in his perspective about the story. 
Second, then I tell him my perspective about how we gonna tell the story. The visual design, the communication approach, the mood of the movie, and what I really want the audience to get after they watched the movie. Then I will hear his feedback. When we did "Sophie's 7 Secret Missions" I told him about the concepts of "Teens Psychology" in my perspective. I visualized it as "colorful","warm", "dinamic" and "naive". From these key elements we try to put these concepts into visual language. He came out with reference…

Great Time With Schoolmates From Filmschool!

My screenwriter friend Zarah Aryani Sirait from filmschool is married yesterday. Honestly, I rarely attend a wedding ceremony before. So, some of my filmschool mates are there. Some taking their kid, some still single. Me? don't ask me. LOL.
There's also my highschool mate who also went to film school, he's name Faisal. You see the guy with the white shirt below? He's my school mate. Now he is a yoga teacher. When we were in filmschool he took tv programs. Well, life keep changing. 
I was very happy yesterday. And motivated me also. and I was wondering that this present photo will be old photos. may be the one that we will show it to our sons and daughters and event grandson. So many great memories. some are burried, some are well kept. 
The girl with the blue outfit and long hair. Is also my best friend. her name is Putri but I called her Penny. She was in the film school. we made some short films together. It was fun. Now she worked for the goverment. Nothing to do with…