Still Photos Film Rumah Malaikat

Mentari De Marelle as Alexandra the new teacher in the orphanage

Everything seems good and fun at the beginning

There's one boy who is unpleasant and mysterious

Mrs.Maria explain to Alexandra about the rules of the orphanage

All the kids in the orphanage have different stories about the orphanage history

Emmanuel, the wacky boy who thinks the orphanage is an asylum way back then

Rowiena Umboh as Mrs.Maria the orphanage principal

All the kids is the chosen one

"Every kids in the orphanage wants to be in the Eternal Home"

Alexandra hears about the concept of the Eternal Home.

Dayu Wijanto as Bibi Arum, the assistant or Mrs.Maria

"If "they" are not disturb you, so don't disturb "them"..."

Arjanggi sense something strange in the orphanage


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